Ages of Malice, Book III

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After the brazen attack on Israel, the Antichrist’s shadow looms. What Emery and Rhyme have failed to stop now grows unchecked as Cain solidifies his dominance for all time. As the world trembles, can lost love overcome staggering odds to stop the apocalypse?

Embers of Shadow: Predictability defied.


A Portion of Malice

Ages of Malice, Book I


In this fast-paced supernatural thriller that kicks off the series and provides the critical backstory to all that follows, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick is at the end of his rope, about to end it all, when a knock at the door changes everything.

Soon, Emery finds himself plunged into an immortal world of darkness, deceit, and barbarity, coming face to face with an ancient, secret society ready to fulfill prophecy and sacrifice Earth to a bloodthirsty God.

A Portion of malice Awards

A Measure of Rhyme

Ages of Malice, Book II


Rhyme Carter has a problem. She’s married to the literal Antichrist. But her heart belongs to another man, a man she deserted to the clutches of the Devil himself.

Emery Merrick wakes in a hospital to find the woman he loves betrayed him. Swept away on a drug-fueled tsunami of madness and mayhem, he plummets further into addiction, misery, and the machinations of immortal madmen. But Rhyme has plans of her own: to thwart her evil husband and reclaim her life.

As Mankind races toward the apocalypse, can a former librarian overcome staggering odds to save the planet—and the man she loves—from certain destruction?

A Measure of Rhyme Awards

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